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Supply chain

In the industry, as well as in construction is the prevailing view that it requires many parties cooperation to produce the final result. Organizing parties in orderly chains supplying each other as demand requires the exchange of information in exactly the format and timing of the individual partners needs them. Worksportal organizes and manages information flows in the supply chain all the way up from the end customer that controls the rate and down to the individual employee level.


In the modern global world with the high degree of specialization we see today are products and services rarely emerged within the framework of a company alone. This requires an effective cooperation with one's partners. Worksportal keeps track of the complexities of relationships with business partners, knowing that the two parties can have many different relationships with different roles.

Purchase Management

Overview and reporting on the company's consumption of goods and services requires detailed data. Maintenance and collection of data from supplier invoices, especially on paper or scanned appendicies is a complicated and time-consuming matter. Data is collected during the the general daily use of the system and procurement departments and other management can follow in real-time down to the individual product and services right up to the estimated completion degrees on giant construction projects:

Energy supply

Utility companies are often faced with the challenge of combining ownership of complex physical infrastructure with the outsourcing of critical installation and maintenance tasks. Knowledge acquisition can easily be scattered when suppliers and suppliers' employees come and go. Worksportal ensures the collection of data for these vital utility across all parties.

Case management

Deal­ing with cases often involves sev­eral peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tional par­ties dur­ing its life­time. They all need to con­tribute in order to obtain a solu­tion, answer or res­o­lu­tion. The Works Por­tal pro­vides effi­cient and well struc­tured work­ing pro­ce­dures as well as facil­i­ta­tion for smart data col­lec­tion from the right peo­ple and par­ties. All this is done respect­ing the strictest infor­ma­tion security.

An inte­grated part of good case man­age­ment is opti­miz­ing pro­ce­dures. Pro­fes­sional opti­miza­tion of any process must rely on facts and data from real obser­va­tions or trans­ac­tions. The works por­tal pro­vides a series of facil­i­ties to present data in a struc­tured and eas­ily acces­si­ble for­mat sup­port­ing opti­miz­ing your processes and pro­ce­dures One exam­ple is the report­ing and dia­gram tool which can illus­trated com­pli­cated inter­de­pen­den­cies in a log­i­cal for­mat. Below is a dia­gram show­ing the time­line of a case man­age­ment pro­ce­dure com­pared with the case load:

Online tender management

Extend invi­ta­tions to ten­der online on the Works Por­tal even for com­plex projects. Using cat­a­logue tem­plates or via accept­ing sup­plier UBL cat­a­logues you can process demand­ing ten­ders in a struc­tured and auto­mated sequence with a min­i­mum work­load for cus­tomer and sup­plier alike.


A reduc­tion of pro­duc­tion cost is the first pri­or­ity for com­pa­nies hav­ing done, or seek­ing to out­source work. In order to obtain a true cost reduc­tion it is vital to effi­ciently inte­grate pro­ce­dures and the flow of infor­ma­tion into the work stay­ing within the orga­ni­za­tion. The Works Por­tal sup­ports the exchange and opti­miza­tion of struc­tured pro­ce­dures between the par­ties in the sourc­ing value chain. All this is done in the indi­vid­ual users own lan­guage and the par­ties’ home cur­rency and localization.

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