EP Mobile

On the go

Inspection reports ensures the quality of the client's work and forms the basis for control of the financial management of the project. The work of the supervisor is often carried out on the construction site with a camera and a notepad under the arm.

With our EPMobile app will the supervisor and contractor have both camera and notepad with them in their smartphones. Here they have access to predefined quality assurance forms for projects and they are able to fill them out during the project.

Pictures, notes and information about approval or disapproval are filled out as the work is performed.
The inspection report is sent through the internet to the Worksportal when the supervision is completed, and is stored in the current project. In the Worksportal the supervisors, contractors and managers are all able to access the completed inspection reports.

With position metadata (GPS) are images and notes shown on a map, which makes it easy to see where the documentation comes from.