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The Workspor­tal is a digital platform that assists in man­ag­ing large pub­lic works. It is the nexus for all par­ties col­lab­o­rat­ing on a project. The Por­tal ensures that all par­tic­i­pants have the same draw­ings, work spec­i­fi­ca­tions, bud­gets, con­tract infor­ma­tion etc. The Par­ties can fur­ther­more invoice each other through the por­tal and ful­fill the pub­lic stan­dards for elec­tronic com­merce and case man­age­ment.

The Workspor­tal could be used by the Con­trac­tor deliv­er­ing exca­va­tion work to Util­i­ties and may itself use sub-​contractors for parts of the work. Another exam­ple could be an Engi­neer­ing con­sult­ing ser­vice firm that man­ages projects on behalf of clients. Esti­mates, project plans and ten­ders are instantly shared with all rel­e­vant par­ties.

Every­thing is done using the Workspor­tal which is a cloud based solution – you only need Inter­net Access and an account to get started. HOFOR (Copen­hagen Energy), Elsi­nore Util­ity and many oth­ers already use the Workpor­tal to opti­mize work on their Water, Elec­tric­ity, Gas, Dis­trict Cen­tral Heat­ing and Sewage net­works.

It is not difi­cult to get started. In a few weeks your organ­i­sa­tion could start get­ting the ben­e­fits from the portal.
EP Mobile

Asset management for Worksportal

From hardware to software. A RFID/NFC license plate is mounted on all components, either in production or in a central warehouse. For online ordering an order number and a unique number is received on the ordered components.

The client receives an electronic delivery note where each component with its own unique RFID/NFC number and the technical specifications are linked to the order.

Once the components arrive at the construction site, all RFID/NFC number plates are easily scanned with the handheld RFID/NFC reader, and the delivery notes are automatically updated via the building manager smartphone. The construction manager does not have to type on his smartphone. The signal is sent automatically from the RFID/NFC reader to the smartphone and on to Veriloc system. In case of failure a warning is issued to the construction manager and supplier. If it is the correct components, they will be ready for welding. The individual components are registered with a GPS position.

Subsequently, they can be tracked very accurately to the position and depth. The Veriloc system is of course adapted to each company's needs in close cooperation.



We are a soft­ware solu­tion com­pany with almost 20 years of expe­ri­ence work­ing with util­i­ties. We know a lot about the processes and chal­lenges fac­ing cons­truc­tion projects involv­ing cables or pipes in the ground or indeed any type of infra­struc­ture development.

We con­tin­u­ously work on improv­ing our main prod­uct — The Workspor­tal. The Workspor­tal is a Soft­ware as a ser­vice (SaaS) plat­form where many of the dif­fer­ent par­ties that make up a con­struc­tion project come together and work through the same shared pro­ce­dures and data.

The peo­ple behind Pernexus Sys­tems are also involved in www​.ver​iloc​.dk. Ver­iloc is an RFID/NFC-​solutions provider to mainly enter­prise level com­pa­nies. Using Ver­iloc solu­tions makes it pos­si­ble to track com­po­nents on a global scale and avoid sup­ply errors, find the exact loca­tion of buried cables or pipes and in many more sce­nar­ios. Bet­ter qual­ity is vir­tu­ally guar­an­teed while simul­ta­ne­ously sav­ing money on con­struc­tion work and the fol­low­ing maintenance.

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